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Sound and Movement Serendipity Earrings
Sound and Movement Serendipity Earrings. Lovely free moving rings happily ride through the opening in the brass shape that is stamped with fossil leaves and veins. Length including hooks is 2" x " wide.

Price: US$50.00

Fan Earrings
Ever-so-Pretty Bluish Green Fan Earrings with copper and silver wire dangles. Etched and gold wash painted. Tiny purple discs too. About 2" long including hook x " wide.

Price: US$52.00

Copper Disc Earrings
An overlaid and etched sterling X Marks the Spot with drama and interest on these pounded, torched, and punctured copper discs. Bound to be in style for the next 1000 years.

Price: US$52.00

Limited Edition Medallion Earrings
You will be remembered for wearing these truly artisan made, Limited Edition Medallion Earrings of silver, copper and brass. They are hammered, etched, filed, distressed and blessed with fire. Just shy of 1" x 1".

Price: US$75.00

Cuff Bracelet
Open Wire Stick Configuration Cuff Bracelet. Industrial yet earthy in appearance. Silver, copper and brass wire. No two will ever be alike. You will adore this piece whenever you see it encircling your wrist. Cuff is 1" wide by 6" circumference and bends to fit your wrist.

Price: US$135.00


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Angel Necklace
Praying Angel Necklace. Sterling silver, on 18 inch sterling silver chain. Angel is about 1 inches tall.
Price: US$58.00

Angel Wing Necklace
One sterling silver angel wing and one bronze angel wing hang together and appear to create a heart shape. The wings are about three quarters of an inch high and are hung from an 18 inch chain.

Price: US$64.00

Dancing Angel Necklace
Happy Dancing Angel Necklace. Sterling silver on a 18 inch sterling chain. She measures about 1 inches tall.
Price: US$58.00

Feather Necklace
Beautiful Feather Necklace.  Sterling Silver feather on an 18 inch sterling chain.  The feather is about two inches across and has a couple of Swarovski Crystals dangling from it.

Price: US$68.00

Feather Necklace
Feather Necklace decorated with Swarovski Crystals.  Feather is about two inches across and hangs on an 18 inch chain.

Price: US$68.00

Fern Necklace
The Fern measures about two inches wide and hangs on an 18 inch chain.

Price: US$70.00

Flower Necklace
Sterling silver Flower Necklace with semi-precious stone and Swarovski Crystal. Necklace measures about 1 inches across. Please choose color of stone.
Choose Color:
Price: US$89.00

Heart Pendant
Heart Pendant.  Sterling silver on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  Heart measures about an inch and a half high.

Price: US$54.00

Little Angel Necklace
Beautiful little Angel Necklace. Angel is about an inch tall. Hangs on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.
Price: US$50.00

Love Mother Earth
Love Mother Earth pendant on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Price: US$54.00

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